Designing the Website You Really Want

Have you ever had a great idea for a website, logo, or marketing brochure and discovered producing your idea was more difficult than anticipated?  A lot of times you start out your web design process with a perfect idea, but the end result may not be what you had hoped for. Look at for more details. Today we’re going to talk about how to design or communicate the design of the website that you really want.

Create a List of Your Ideas

Like any brainstorming activities, creating a list of good ideas is a great place to start your web design process.  When you are creating your initial list, don’t worry with being overly detailed, but be specific enough that someone else would understand your list if they read it.  If you can provide examples of similar ideas write down a couple examples of each idea on your list.

Examples of Other Websites

If you are explaining your web design ideas to a designer, it may be difficult to describe ideas that you like and don’t like in technical terms.  The best way to avoid playing the “guessing game” is by providing examples of websites or aspects of various websites that you like.  If you are designing your own website, sometimes looking at the work of others can help inspire you or provide clues of how to achieve the web design that you really want.

Be Open to New Ideas

You may have a great idea for a flash animation on your website, but your web designer suggests using HTML5.  You may prefer to have a website built in straight HTML, but a colleague suggest using WordPress so that you can make easy changes to your web content.  Often new ideas from outside sources can help refine and improve your ideas.


While taking your ideal website from an idea to a finely tuned work of art can be challenging, it is certainly not impossible.  Communication and preparation are the keys to designing the website that you really want.  If you are outsourcing your web design, be sure to communicate with the web designer before you get started.  Make sure they are comfortable with the different design aspects that you need.  If you are designing your website yourself, get feedback from other designers about ideas you are unsure of and stay dedicated to designing your ideal website.